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Melrose Garden Office

Melrose Garden Office

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This garden office is supplied with a dip-treated base coat, but this is mainly just for safety whilst the panels are moving throughout the factory, and we still advise for customers to treat the building with a water-based treatment in accordance with the instructions supplied. 


Footprint 10x8 20x8
Internal 2902 x 2302g 5902 x 2302g
External footprint 2990 x 2390g 5990 x 2390g
Extreme 3328 x 2604g 6246 x 2604g
Ridge Height Internal 2384 mm 2384 mm
Ridge Height External 2505 mm 2505 mm
Eaves Height Internal 2040 mm 2040 mm
Eaves Height External 2096 mm 2096 mm
Weight 384kg 629kg
Pack Size/Largest Panel (HxWxD) 2440 x 2302 x 64 2440 x 2302 x 64
Roof External Material 11mm OSB Topside 11mm OSB Topside
Roof Internal Material 12mm MDF 12mm MDF Inside
Roof Insultaion 25mm Insulation 25mm Insulation
Floor Material 19mm Matching with HD Herringbone effect Vinyl 19mm Matching with HD Herringbone effect Vinyl
Wall Type 19x125 Overlap 19x125 Overlap
Framing (mm) 44x44 44x44
Lock Type mortice mortice
Door Handle Type handle handle
Window type joinery joinery
Window qty 4 6
Window Fixed/Opening opening opening
Window Opening 633 x 1171 633 x 1171
Glazing Type double glazed double glazed
Door Type joinery joinery
Single/Double Door Single Double
Door Opening/Size 710 x 1805 1424 x 1805
Other Info Painted Painted

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