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Flex Pent Garden Shed (Sizes: 4x6, 8x6, 12x6)

Flex Pent Garden Shed (Sizes: 4x6, 8x6, 12x6)

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Single or Double Door
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        • Windows and doors can go in any position, on any side
        • You can request without windows once an order has been placed, price remains the same
        • Well braced doors (single door can be right or left hand hinged)
        • Toughened 3mm thick glass for durable finish
        • Superior Grade 12mm Finish Shiplap T&G Cladding
        • 28x44mm Finish Rounded Four Corner Framing
        • 12mm Thick T&G Roof and Floor - NO OSB / Solid Sheet Board
        • Unique and innovative design

        Cladding Thickness 12mm
        Framing Style Standard
        Framing Size 28mm x44mm
        Roof Material Tongue & Groove Board
        Roof Thickness 12mm
        Floor Material Tongue & Groove Board
        Floor Size 12mm
        Door Style Fully Boarded Tongue & Groove Door
        Door Size (Single) 785mm x 1692mm
        Door Size (Double) 998mm x 1692mm
        Window Style All Fixed
        Glazing Material Toughened Glass
        Glazing Thickness 3
        Treatment Burnt Orange (Water Based)
        Roof Covering Grey Mineral Felt
        Material Selected European Softwoods
        Locking System Lock and Key + Turn Button


        Building Dimension 4x6 8x6  12x6 
        Length 1238mm 2388mm 3538mm
        Width 1750mm 1750mm 1750mm
        Base Size 1238mm x 1750mm 2388mm x 1750mm 3538mm x 1750mm
        Internal Size 1150mm x 1662mm 2300mm x 1662mm 3450mm x 1662mm
        External Ridge 2030mm 2030mm 2030mm
        External Eaves 1880mm 1880mm 1880mm
        Internal Ridge 1950mm 1950mm 1950mm
        Internal Eaves 1840mm 1840mm 1840mm
        Ext. Size exc. Roof 1262mm x 1774mm 2412mm x 1774mm 3562mm x 1774mm
        Ext. Size inc. Roof 1262mm x 1874mm 2412mm x 1874mm 3562mm x 1874mm
        No. of Windows 2 4 6
        Weight 151kgs Flex Pent 225kgs Flex Pent 302kgs Flex Pent

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