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Overlap Apex Garden Shed (Sizes 5x10, 10x10, 15x10, 20x10)

Overlap Apex Garden Shed (Sizes 5x10, 10x10, 15x10, 20x10)

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Your building has been dip treated with Aquatan. Aquatan is a water-based concentrate which is diluted with water, the building has been treated by the correct application of Aquatan solution and then allowed to dry.

You must construct this garden building on a firm and level base.

- Concrete 75mm laid on top of 75mm hard-core.
- Slabs laid on 50mm of sharp sand.


  • Treatment Type: Dip Treated
  • People Required To Build: 2
  • Guarantee: 10 Year Guarantee
  • Cladding: 7mm Overlap
  • Roof Material: Solid sheet board
  • Floor Material: Solid Sheet Board
  • Roof Type: Apex
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Lock Type: Turn Button


Type 5x10 10x10 15x10 20x10
Width 10' 2" / 3.1m 10' 2" / 3.1m 10' 2" / 3.1m 10' 2" / 3.1m
Depth 5' 1" / 1.55m 9' 11" / 3.03m 14' 10" / 4.52m 19' 9" / 6.02m
Eaves Height 5' 1" / 1.57m 5' 2" / 1.57m 5' 0" / 1.52m 5' 0" / 1.54m
Ridge Height 7' 5" / 2.26m 7' 5" / 2.26m 7' 4" / 2.26m 7' 4" / 2.24m
Floor Width 9' 8" / 2.97m 9' 9" / 2.97m 9' 9" / 2.97m 9' 9" / 2.97m
Floor Depth 4' 10" / 1.49m 9' 9" / 2.97m 14' 8" / 4.47m 19' 6" / 5.95m


These Overlap Apex Wooden Sheds offers a vast, open and spacious interior and is suitable for many purposes. This building would make a great workshop, with ample space for large equipment and tools, or you may simply require a large storage shed for garden equipment and furniture. Boasting double doors, this building provides easy access and storage of large items such as wheel barrows and ladders. Styrene windows allow light into the interior while being safe and shatterproof. Manufactured here in the UK, using sustainably sourced and regulated timber, this building is great for those who require a shed that offers great quality with excellent value. The walls of this store are made using horizontal boards that overlap each other, this traditional method of construction creates a solid panel that encourages rain water to run off the building, protecting your stored possessions from the elements. Solid sheet board is used to form the floor and roof, a durable material that is made up of several layers of tightly compacted oriented strands. Solid sheet board is perfect for everyday use and general storage.

This building is complete with thick wooden internal framing to support the overlap panelling, creating a rigid, long lasting structure. The traditional apex roofline provides generous head height for storing taller items and storage units. Robust roofing felt, fixtures and fittings are all supplied as standard, alongside our detailed instructions and our manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure a simple, stress free assembly process.

All of our buildings come with an Anti-rot guarantee, to ensure your garden building looks great and lasts the test of time, this building in particular comes with a conditional 10 year Anti-rot guarantee as well as a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. Annual re-treatment is required to maintain your building and the Anti-rot guarantee.

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