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Welbeck Reverse Apex Garden Office

Welbeck Reverse Apex Garden Office

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The Welbeck Garden Office is the ideal workspace attachment to your home and garden. The interior space is spacious and able to be easily divided. With the bigger sizes this is even incorporated into the design, with two internal rooms separated by a partition wall to create individual workspaces.

While the Welbeck is designed to be used as a Garden Office, there’s really no limit to how you can use it. The reverse apex roof provides a traditional character to the building, which works in conjunction with the modern-styled windows to create a balanced aesthetic. The windows and glazed doors are large and wide, allowing in large amounts of natural light, but are robust and secure thanks to the double-glazed toughened glass.

We’ve designed this garden office with 44mm interlocking wood panels, which provide a strong and durable construction. The floor and roof are also built to be strong and are made of 19mm tongue-and-groove panels of the same design. We then top the roof with a protective green mineral felt. The Welbeck also comes complete with an in-built mortice locking system, ensuring that your belongings are kept safe and secure.

There’s no installation service necessary with this Log Cabin. The Welbeck is built to be constructed, by hand, by at least two people. You’ll be surprised by just how easy and fast it is to make!

  • Tall Reverse Apex roof
  • Internal wall creates 2 separate spaces on two larger sizes
  • 44mm Interlocking Tongue & Groove log boards
  • Heavy duty 19mm Tongue and Groove floor & roof
  • A secure mortice lock system
  • 6ft high, reaching offset double door
  • Toughened glass double-glazed opening windows
  • Green Mineral protective roofing felt
  • Untreated or Pressure Treated
  • 15 years manufacturer guarantee
Footprint 4.0m x 3.0m  5.0m x 4.0m 5.5m  x 5.0m 
Base Width 392cm 482cm 542cm
Wall Width 411cm 501cm 561cm
Overall Width         (Including Roof Overhang) 418cm 508cm 568cm
Base Depth 270cm 390cm 480cm
Wall Depth 291cm 411cm 501cm
Overall Depth         (Including Roof Overhang) 319cm 439cm 527cm
Eaves Height 202cm 204cm 205cm
Ridge Height 249cm 249cm 249cm
No. Windows 2 Opening Windows 4 Opening Windows 5 Opening Windows


Roof Style Reverse Apex
Wall Thickness 44mm
Door Opening Size (W x H)         156cm x 187cm        
Glazing Material Double Glazed (Toughened Glass)
Floor Material 19mm Tongue and Groove
Roof Material         19mm Tongue and Groove
Roof Covering Material Green Mineral Felt
Door Style     Double Doors
Depth (Log Board End to Notch) 93mm
Window Width 656mm
Window Height 1211mm

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