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Marchington Aluminium Pergola (Sizes: 3x3, 4x3, 6x3)

Marchington Aluminium Pergola (Sizes: 3x3, 4x3, 6x3)

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Built to adapt, the Marchington Pergola is a rust-resistant aluminium structure ideal for year-round use. It features an innovative roof system with open/close louvers providing protection from the rain, sun and wind in addition to a built in LED lighting system which can be used to illuminate the space and set different moods.


  • Robust aluminium structure
  • Weatherproof and rust resistant
  • Adjustable open-close roof
  • Fully waterproof roof when closed
  • Remote controlled, dimmable LED lighting system


    3mx3m:  W 3.0 x D 3.0 x H 2.4

    4mx3m: W 4.0 x D 3.0 x H 2.4

    6mx3m: W 6.0 x D 3.0 x H 2.4  

    IMPORTANT: Before considering any groundwork, choose the size and location of the pergola you will be installing. Footprint and product dimensions are provided within this document, enabling you to understand where the concrete footings must be placed.

    400mm3 Concrete Footing

    If there is any doubt about the levelness or stability of the surface your pergola will sit on, we recommend installing 400mm3 concrete footings. These can be installed in conjunction with any of the surfaces below.

    When laying concrete footings, careful consideration should be paid to the fall of the existing surface. According to building regulations, a maximum fall of 1:80 (12.5mm for every metre) is tolerated to allow for surface water drainage. Any greater fall than this will lead to non-compliance with regulations. If there is any doubt, we recommend seeking professional advice. The concrete footing should be constructed solid and level, ensuring a stable base to secure the pergola feet. Should the concrete footings not be level, additional shim kits can be purchased before installation. It is important to note that if you plan to install retractable blinds to your pergola, the maximum fall of each leg cannot exceed 10mm. Otherwise, this may impede the smooth operation of the blinds.
    We recommend a 400mm3 concrete footing under each foot for optimum results. If a paved patio or timber decking already exists, the ground below will need to be inspected to ensure suitability for installation. If the ground is unsuitable, concrete footings must be laid and the existing decking or patio re-installed on top. This ensures a secure and stable base on which to fix the pergola.

    Patio Slabs or Block Paving


     Where the groundwork is unknown, we recommend lifting the existing patio and laying 400mm3 concrete footings for each pergola leg before re-laying the existing surface.





    Due to natural movement in timber and composite materials, a pergola should not be installed directly to decked areas. Instead, installing 400mm3 concrete footing under the decking surface ensures a robust and stable base on which the pergola will sit. If there is any doubt, we recommend seeking professional advice.


    Loose Aggregates


     A pergola should not be installed directly onto loose aggregates. When installed onto loose aggregates, a 400mm3 concrete footing should be situated beneath each pergola foot.



    Pergola Blind (add to cart)

    Providing added relief from sunlight and wind, the Pergola Blind is an easy-to-attach accessory for the Marchington Pergola. Height adjustable, blinds can be added to all four sides of the pergola and pulled down to meet any length required
    Each pergola comes supplied with a ground anchoring kit. This includes 80mm stainless steel expansion bolts, suitable for concrete footings. Note the quantity may vary depending on the size of each shed.

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